Some legal aspects of providing medical services to residents of Ukraine during martial law

For more than two months, martial law has continued to operate in Ukraine as a result of an unprovoked attack by the aggressor-country. Today, more than 7. 7 million Ukrainians are internally displaced and more than 5.3 million have left Ukraine.  Мany of them need psychological support  and medical care.  The medical infrastructure has been significantly damaged in the regions where hostilities have been and are still ongoing.  Many doctors themselves became refugees.

Due to objective reasons, the population does not always have the opportunity to receive the necessary medical care. But the medical community of different countries is ready to help and provide such assistance on a voluntary basis.

From the very first days of the war, there were offers of telemedicine consultations for refugees and internally displaced persons. Some foreign specialists come to Ukraine and, together with our doctors, treat the victims of military operations.  A number of countries have deployed mobile medical hospitals on the territory of Ukraine, where foreign specialists provide medical care to everyone who needs it.

The Government of Ukraine, for its part, has done everything necessary to provide conditions for such activities of doctors from abroad. Already on the second day of the war, the Ministry of Health issued an order legalizing the medical activities of foreign doctors in Ukraine.

It must be said that many proposals from colleagues abroad were related to the provision of telemedicine services. Such assistance can be quickly organized and reach a large number of those in need. With the help of telemedicine around the world, access to leading specialists, professionals from anywhere in the world is now provided. 

Taking into account such possibilities of telemedicine, Ministry of Health issued an additional order, which allowed the provision of medical care by foreign specialists. Thus, today all legal barriers have been removed for the use of telemedicine by foreign specialists in order to provide medical services to residents of Ukraine.

Our Association (Ukrainian Association  Development  IT in Medicine) is ready to provide information support  for , related to the provision of telemedicine services. We are ready to provide more detailed information on this issue. 

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